Our extensive range of services offer a complete portfolio of safety & security solutions for all areas of risk management.  Each service is tailored to fit you the individual or your company needs. 


Personal Protection & Residential Security

Whether it's a VIP in need of assistance, or an important package for transit; our  highly skilled staff are trained in the nuanced art of providing 'close protection' for any dignatories from royalty, entertainment and the corporate world.  In a previous life our operatives may have been military personnel often deployed to hostile territories, but this theatre of operations requires more than soldiering skills; it requires excellent civilian skills too.  This is why our individuals/ teams do consistenly deliver the very best of security to the highest of standards. 

Our highly trained personnel will be with you every step of the way, if they weren't the best, they wouldn't have our logo.


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CCTV/ Surveillance


Closed-circuit television (CCTV) is an excellent video tool, let us transmit them signals to our 24hr manned monitors.  Our 24/7 eyes, whatever the weather, gives us the edge over any hindrance you or your company may encounter.  Together we can ensure that your premises are observed and covered by the best.


It could be a case of monitoring the behavior, activities, or other changing information for the purpose of influencing, managing, directing, or protecting people.


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Event Management 


We can more than assist with the application of a project, through to the creation and development of large scale events, such as concerts, conferences, conventions, ceremonies, exhibitions, festivals or a sporting occasion.  

The stewarding of crowds, guarding of VIP personnel and cash in transit roles that come to play within event security. 

Whether it is 40 or 40, 000 attendees our aim is always the same: 100% for the safety and security of all.  Our bespoke subject matter experts can plan out all of the Health & Safety issues before, during and after each event.


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Commercial, Construction & Retail - Manned Guarding

Through the groups high standards we can secure your premises and properties against damage, theft and destruction.  We can protect your staff and clients against any assaults or injuries that might be suffered in consequence of the unlawful conduct of others.

Security Guards are a fundamental aspect for providing this safety, therefore, a physical deterrent through Blue 45 Group is a must.  


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Key Holding & Vehicle Patrol Response Facilities

Blue 45 Group can provide you with a professional, rapid, and reliable key holding facility.  Do you need keys? Alarms need resetting? Secure the premises? We can provide all and produce detailed reports for all actions taken.

Vehicle response is an excellent deterrent against any criminal activity that may occur at your premises, this is all very proactive towards your 'duty of care' and when notifying the Police and other agencies, if and when required.

It is also a cost effective alternative to manned guarding and we are able to deploy highly trained experienced operatives 24/7, 365 days a year. 


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Immediate Response & Cleaning Services


We at 'Blue 45 Group' can provide 'response', 'rip-out' and 'cleaning' services.  We currently assist our partners in helping those who have suffered from the effects of fire and floods.  You can call on a response team to aid the effects of the damage as speedily as possible. 

Safety & security comes in all shapes and sizes, if you or your company require professional cleaning services you can count on us.

We cover all aspects of cleaning from - Smoke damage, builders, sparkles and deep cleans, for all types of properties, at value for money, tailored to your requirements.  Blue 45 Group is the perfect choice for your organisation.


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